Let Us Weep

Left Behind, Margaret Mair, original art

Left Behind, Margaret Mair, original art

Like so many I am deeply touched by the image of young Aylan lying lifeless on the beach, his life lost in the search for hope and peace. And I find myself very angry not only that he died, but that it has taken the death of an innocent child to galvanize us to do now what should have been done long before. And I worry that though we are responding now, the next time we will not – not enough of us, not enough of those who create the laws and policies we act under, not enough of those we are taught to model ourselves upon. And that even now we act without fully understanding our own role in this death. I am devastated, and so I think and I write,trying to make sense of a senseless tragedy.

Let us weep
For this child,
For these children,
For these families
Lost to an unkindness of strangers,
Lost to a blindness of vision,
Lost to a closedness of mind.
Let us weep
For the fear,
For the ignorance,
Built into walls around our hearts,
Built into blinkers over our eyes,
Built into words to fool our minds.
Let us weep
And lift our tear-swept faces
And raise our anguished eyes
To look toward a future
Where we will not weep
For a loss
We could have prevented,
For a grief
We could have averted
Had we not averted
Our own eyes

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original artwork by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Let Us Weep

  1. We now live in a culture of death. No matter the reason, the answer is death. It has become common and normal. Except for those of us who still have compassionate hearts which can see the pain and need and still cry.

    I saw the picture of this child before he was picked up. I sobbed. I took me a long time to settle myself down. And I still struggle. What can I do. So much of life is out of my control… so I continue to pray.

    I love your poetry Margaret an am blessed by it.

    • May your prayers, and those of many others, weave a web of hope. From many small actions large effects grow, and one small step in the right direction, helping where you are or reaching out to help where else you can – it all makes a difference.
      I’m glad you are touched by my words, and glad to have you as a friend, Ellen. Please keep caring.

  2. So powerful, Margaret. And so true.

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