We are Light and Shadow

In Light and Shadow

In Light and Shadow, Margaret Mair, orignal art

We are not perfectly
Definable, being
Neither this nor that,
Neither black nor white,
Neither wholly here
Nor wholly there.
We move moment to moment
From shadowy darkness
To pitiless light,
Passing through, pausing at
The many points between;
Seeking our selves
We burst from
Inside others’ boxes,
Behind others’ walls;
Plumb our own depths,
Fight our own monsters,
Labor heavily up mountains
Into high, thin air,
Tumble down steep paths
Into deep rocky valleys,
Trudge step after step
Harsh desert dryness,
Overgrown forests’
Dank humidity,
Immerse our selves
Gratefully, gracefully
In peaceful healing waters.
We seek our selves
Through all the changes,
Certain only
That who we are
Is not who they are
And that who they are
We cannot fully know.
We can only gaze
At the dim shape
Of their being
Through the shadows
That shape what we see
As they gaze into
Our own shadows,
Seeking us.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “We are Light and Shadow

  1. so much dark beauty here, the bald facts of being human – the striving to know (self, others) with the absolute certainty that true knowing is virtually impossible. yet we persist and this is something of a miracle really, that we keep on trying. some baffling facts of existence. very beautiful.

    • Margaret Mair

      Being on the road meant that I could read and savor your response. Back aboard, I can now say thank you for sharing these thoughts. I’m thinking that we are creatures meant for striving, constantly seeking and redefining ourselves in the struggle, trying to understand who we might be, no?

  2. A very thoughtful and insightful poem, Margaret. Thank you.

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