In the Mist…

Pleasant Hill, Misty Morning, Margaret Mair, original art, sold.

Pleasant Hill, Misty Morning, Margaret Mair, original art, sold.

Some early mornings
The clouds drift down
From their sky-home
To wreath the hills below
In shimmering yellow
And lend the rising sun
A veil to hide behind.
Those days
It is good to wake
And start life again
In the mists of morning
When the light is gentle
And the view is soft,
The world grown small;
When the hills
Disappear in the distance
And the trees drink
Misty moisture through
Dew spotted leaves
That shed small drops
On us as we pass
And the golden air
Kisses our skin
With light-suffused kindness
And our spirits bathe
In the essential pleasure
Of morning mists.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

5 responses to “In the Mist…

  1. Ah yes – we don’t need clarity all the time. Living with the mists of uncertainty can lead us to a better way. A gracious gift. Thank you Margaret

    • Margaret Mair

      Thank you for your appreciation, Sarah. And – sometimes the mists are kind, clarity too harsh for bearing, don’t you think?

  2. Reblogged this on Blog and commented:

    For these times…

  3. So good to read this lovely piece again. And again I wonder about the weight of ‘that’ — if perhaps ‘to’ maintains more gently the tone of misty lightness?

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