Home is That Place

House on Pleasant Hill, Margaret Mair, original art

House on Pleasant Hill, Margaret Mair, original art

Home is that place
Where your heart feels free
And your dreams feel safe
Enfolded and held within
The shelter of
Kind and familiar walls,
Where fragments from
A misty, self-made past
Come together in a mosaic
Rich with many colors
And the threads of memory
Weave a multi-hued tapestry
That warms the coldness
Leaking into each room.
Home is that place
Where it feels safe
To weep in quiet agony,
To laugh joyously out loud,
To hurt and heal
And just be.
Home is that place
Where you can choose
Who enters and when,
Where you can decide
When it is your time
To be nurtured by family,
To be surrounded by friends,
To be nakedly alone.
Home is your place.
How sad, then,
How deep the hurt,
How hard the healing
When you find yourself
That home.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

6 responses to “Home is That Place

  1. i appreciate my home within my heart even more so today thank u for your post meant alot.

  2. The final words reminded me of Shelter Boxes – the minimal roof over the heads of families bereft of home. How frequently your painting/poem combinations set up resonances. Thanks for the spark.

    • Margaret Mair

      I feel I’ve succeeded best when each person finds their own resonances, and that seems to be happening here. I’m so glad you found yours, and a spark to build on besides!

  3. Hey, Margaret: It took me a whole book to express what you just did in this wonderful poem! (smile)
    Thanks for this. As always, you got me right where I live.

    • Margaret Mair

      I think that’s the magic of poetry – it compresses. But you can’t get lost in it the way you can in a book.

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