A Grief so Deep

Howl, Margaret Mair, Original art

Howl, Margaret Mair, Original art

When the earth rolls
Like the waves of the sea
And breaks in a tumultuous fall
Of tumbling rock and snow,
When the earth’s skin gapes
With undressed wounds,
When the fire from below
Burns along earth’s veins
And erupts before us
All flame and ash
And angry lightning,
When the very rocks
Moan and mutter and howl
With a grief so deep
It makes the sky weep,
We find ourselves
Touched by things
We never wished for,
Without the knowledge
To foresee,
Without the foresight
To make ready,
Without the readiness
To reach out
As now we must,
As we always should.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


7 responses to “A Grief so Deep

  1. So powerful, Margaret.

    • Margaret Mair

      It seems you are reading my words as I am reading yours! And that grief is the common theme. I wish us both power in our words – and thank you for your comment here.

  2. A captivating picture like grief embedded in the earth and together with your words, it makes them both very compelling. I love how you create movement and likenesses in the verse. Lovely.

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