Into the Waters of Life

Painting, Into the Water by Margaret Mair

Detail, Into the Water, Margaret Mair, original art

Once you were a baby,
Warm and softly-scented
In our arms
As we held you close
To our hearts.
Then you became a young woman
Stepping from the warm bedrock
Of family certainty
Into the swiftly flowing waters
Of another life,
Your slim shoulders
Unburdened by what you
Could not yet know,
Not yet touched
By what lay ahead
Under the glittering surface
Where depths change
And currents swirl
You grew stronger,
Without knowing it;
You swam through darkness,
Conquered currents
And found your spaces
Of warmth and light;
You grow stronger
And through it all
You have lain
Close to our hearts.
You always will.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


One response to “Into the Waters of Life

  1. How beautiful. As always.

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