Grant Me Water…

Grant Me Water, Margaret Mair, original art

Grant Me Water, Margaret Mair, original art

Oh, Mother,
Grant me
The blessing
Of your pure
Life-giving water
To slake my thirst,
Cool my blood,
Ease my joints
And nourish
Each yearning cell.
In return
I promise
To share your
Liquid grace
With all that dwell
Within it
And on it
And by it;
To care for them
As you and they
Care for and enrich
Me, knowing
That I do not dwell
Here alone.
Please help me
Never to grow
Or forgetful;
In contemplative care lies
In thoughtful memory
In both
Present hope
And future promise.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


2 responses to “Grant Me Water…

  1. Yes indeed: “Never to grow careless” – water such a precious blessing.
    An immigrant from an arid Botswana, taking water forgranted is unforgiveable. Beautiful yet again dear Margaret.

    • Thank you, Sarah. And I think all of us who have lived in regions temporarily or predominantly arid become acutely aware of how great the need for water, especially water clean enough to support life, is. Clean – that’s a whole discussion on its own.

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