Water’s Edge…

Water's Edge, Margaret Mair, Original art

Water’s Edge, Margaret Mair, Original art

Are deceptive,
More permeable
Than we think.
We cross
From one state to another.
From land to water,
From life to death,
More easily
Than we expect,
Far off edges
We see clearly
Grow less defined
As we move closer.
Water flows over
And under
And through
Earth and rock,
Eroding and shaping,
Explode upwards
Through the water,
Bodies change
Cells divide
And develop
And die
Every day.
Our world changes
Around us
And we change
Within it;
Nothing is immutable
And each edge
We think we see
Only exists
In that moment
Of our seeing.


Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

3 responses to “Water’s Edge…

  1. Beautiful and thoughtful, Margaret.

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