World Underwater…

Underwater, Margaret Mair, original art

Underwater, Margaret Mair, original art


We linger
Around the shallow edges
And rippling surfaces
Of an underwater world
Seen dimly
Through a liquid lens
That fractures light
And disturbs
Our searching gaze.
In its depths
We sense unseen creatures
In fields of waving weed,
Between hard rocks,
In coral caves;
Yet –
We only see whales
When one rises suddenly
To the surface
Of its watery home
Our puny vessel,
When another’s dead body
Finds its unintended
And pungent grave
Upon our shores.
We think the dolphin leaps
For our amusement
And are surprised hearing
Its short, hard breaths
As it hunts,
All grace and power.
We see a fin
And fear
The shark’s approach,
Dread its cold eye and
Multitude of sharp teeth.
But mostly
We are blind
To this watery world
That fills our planet,
Not knowing
All that lives in it
And that we live upon;
Too careless in our taking
From it,
Too easy in disposing of
The detritus of our lives
Into it,
As if out of sight
Below the waves
Were indeed

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “World Underwater…

  1. I love your art that accompanies such a wonderful poem 🙂

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