And a New Year Begins – Again

Margaret Mair, Red Sunset, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Red Sunset, Original Art

The sun has set on the old year. In the dark of night we welcomed the new year, then waited for the sun to rise again on its first day. As the sun has risen, will rise, at the beginning of each day.

And yet we see that night, that midnight, that morning, as special.

Because as we cross into that new day we are beginning a new year. Traditionally it’s a time for looking back, for taking stock of our lives, for looking forward with hope and resolution. For me it’s a time when I wish we could go forward into the year to come like children, eyes wide open, looking around with wonder, going with open heart and open mind into the adventures that await. Because life is full of adventures, whether we wish it to be or not.

But unlike children we bring all kinds of expectations into the new year, expectations built on a mixture of self-knowledge and experience and hope and dreams. Expectations which lie over and hide under our thoughts, which can hold us back or help us move forward.

If, like children, we could move for the love of movement, observe for the sake of understanding, explore without expectations, learn with joy, eat when we are hungry and sleep when we are tired – how simply full our lives would be.

So that’s my wish for the years to come, for you and me – that we should find pleasure in creating a life that’s simply full. And full of love.


Written by Margaret Mair

Original painting by Margaret Mair

One response to “And a New Year Begins – Again

  1. Reblogged this on Blog and commented:

    Soon the sun will rise on the first morning of the year, and we will look forward with hope to what the coming months will bring. And I still wish for this…

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