SPARK 20: My Painting

Margaret Mair, In the Deep Red Heart of the Wood, Original Art, 2013

Margaret Mair, In the Deep Red Heart of the Wood, Original Art, 2013

I always enjoy doing SPARK. It’s partly the lure of the unexpected – you never know what your inspiration piece will be. It’s partly enjoying the challenge – reading, contemplating, sketching, painting, and all within a limited time with a deadline to meet. It’s partly the pleasure of working away at something I love.

This time the inspiration piece was an intriguing short poem by Michelle Wallace. There were suggestions of reclamation, of blood and sweat and tears, of revelation. Which of those to pick up on, and how?

The idea of reclamation and revelation intrigued me. And her words made me think of a material I love and have worked with a lot – wood. Then there needed to be the sense of a person, or of people, involved. I sketched three ideas, but only one really appealed to me, and that was the one I worked with.

The result is the painting you see.  I’m not sure yet whether it’s finished.  It needs to sit and be contemplated for a while before I know.  But I sent it out into the world for all to see anyway!

You can see the painting and inspiration piece together on the SPARK site – and a lot of other interesting work beside.  I hope you’ll take the time to visit and enjoy.

Written by Margaret Mair

Original art by Margaret Mair

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