Water Colors

Reflections, photograph by Margaret Mair

Reflection, photograph by Margaret Mair

Water is an ever-changing, all-absorbing element. It responds to everything around it. The earth around and underneath, the sky with its sun and clouds and moon and stars above, the wind blowing across, the rain falling on it, the creatures living in, on and around it.

Its colours are everchanging too. Water reflects the colours around it, colours from shore, from sky, from objects that float across it. And it picks up colours from what lies beneath, from soil and sand and weeds. And from the movement of dust and light and creatures through its depths.

Blue is only one colour among many.

Reflections, Sailboat, Photograph by Margaret Mair

Reflections, Sailboat, Photograph by Margaret Mair

Then there is the way water moves, or is moved by the wind on it or the passage of things through it. Movement that creates an endless variety of patterns and shapes, of light and shadow, on its surface.

Which creates an even richer palette of colours.

Wind on the water, photograph by Margaret Mair

Wind on the water, photograph by Margaret Mair

And being on the water means I can take time to just look and enjoy and think about how to translate what I see into paint.

My own kind of wealth…

Words and Pictures by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Water Colors

  1. …and your pictures and observations of water sets free my imagination. I’ve always loved the sight of shoreline from the waters advantage. 😉

    • ‘The waters advantage’ – what an apt way of putting it, Ellen. Glad you enjoyed my words and pictures!

  2. Your blog posts always open my eyes to seeing the beautiful world the way a wonderful artist does.

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