Into The Blue…

Margaret Mair, Tumbling Water, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Tumbling Water, Original Art

I’m only one person, but there are many different aspects to my life. I am my own unique (and ever-changing) combination of knowledge, skills, desires and activities. As you are.

You never stop being all the things you are, but  there are times when you have to shift your focus. For me this is one of those times.

Soon I’ll be living on board our sailboat again. That means that right now I have to spend time working on that transition. There is furniture to send to new homes, books that need new readers, accumulated stuff to get rid of. There are things to clean, to move, to arrange and rearrange.

And that means that the time and energy that is usually focused here will be focused elsewhere for a little while. Though not for long…

Because art and writing are too deeply a part of me, too intertwined through every part of my life.

And because I know that if from time to time we must shift focus, that’s okay. It just means there’s a familiar place inside ourselves that’s waiting to welcome us back.

I hope you know that too.

Words and painting by Margaret Mair

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