Sparked by SPARK 18

M. Mair, UnderWater, Original Art

Margaret Mair, UnderWater, Original Art

SPARK is a special place, a place that encourages everyone participating to look both inside and outside themselves.

The Inspiration piece you receive comes from outside, from someone else’s thoughts and imagination. First you read or look at it, try to imagine the person who created it, try to intuit the meaning it had for them.

Then you take that inspiration inside your imagination, look at it from different angles, think about it, begin to add something of yourself. From that combination of other and I, outside and inside, you begin to form (or in my case, see) your response.

I’ve always been intrigued by the Inspiration pieces I’ve received. This time is no different: Tyler’s inspiration piece is dense, full of images that pull in different directions. It’s meaning seems to float in and out of focus. It gave me a lot to work with.

Spark has time limits. To stay within them I decided to simplify and condense and to focus on some ideas and images rather than others. I chose themes and images that I hoped would tie my painted world and Tyler’s written world together.

I focused on life and death, comfort and discomfort, and the dolphin and shark as symbols of these. I brought together the ideas of underwater and nest in a way that I, a sailor, could easily visualize, giving it the shape of a hull. As I drew and painted I thought about homes lost to storm, to debt, to rising waters of different kinds.

I used blocky structures in the corner to create the idea of building/buildings side-by-side/buildings destroyed. At the top legs dangle in the water, entering or leaving the watery world below, suspended.

I used washes of color to create a sense of depth, and to unite the elements of the painting. And then it was SPARK 18’s final day, and I stopped.

And now, as I usually do, I’ll continue to look at the painting I’ve created, and to think about it. In time I’ll know whether there will be changes.

In the meantime I have the pleasure of sharing another piece of my work with you. And of course you’ll have your own thoughts as you look and read, and your own response to both pieces.

And that’s another reason I really enjoy Spark – it encourages sparks to light and thoughts to spread.

All of this would not be possible without all the work that happens behind the scenes. Thank you for creating a place like SPARK, Amy!


2 responses to “Sparked by SPARK 18

  1. Thank you for sharing your process! I’m so glad to have you as part of SPARK! — Amy

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