This is Where I Work…

My work space, photo by Margaret Mair

My work space, photo by Margaret Mair

My workspaces have changed over the years, from space on tables to whole rooms to the cabin and cockpit of our boat to the corner of our apartment that I am using now. The main consideration, always, is light. Good light, through most of the day (and good light bulbs at night).

This space is a relatively small one, which means I have to think about my work flow – about what I’m going to work on and how it will fit in with any deadlines I am working with. Smaller spaces make choosing necessary; choosing makes me think more about what I’m doing.

The light here moves around through the year, comes in at different slants through the window beside me as the seasons change. And it changes from day to day. A bright day means lots of light, and lots of shadow; a foggy, rainy day softens and spreads it.

Window view, photo by Margaret Mair

Window view, photo by Margaret Mair

I suspect not everyone would enjoy the view from my window, but it has beautiful and ever-changing things within it, things that interest and inspire me.

The water changes with every change in weather, light and wind. It throws back the sunlight, absorbs the grey of the clouds, hides under the fog. At night the lights shine off it, creating shimmering patterns.

Lights on the water, photo by Margaret Mair

Lights on the water, photo by Margaret Mair

The trees go through their seasonal changes. Leaves come and go, change color, shine in the rain or dance in the wind, grow shapely on the branches or lie withered on the ground.

The tree with dancing leaves, Margaret Mair

The tree with dancing leaves, photo by Margaret Mair

Sunrises are hidden, marked only by the growing light outside. But sunsets are there for the seeing, in all their variations, from quiet and soft, violet and magenta, pale oranges and yellows, to spectacular crimsons and reds, full of color.

Sunset from my work space, Margaret Mair

Sunset from my work space, photo by Margaret Mair

It’s like this in every place I’ve worked; areas of beauty, places of inspiration, a whole world inviting observation.

For now, that place is here.


4 responses to “This is Where I Work…

  1. there is something enlivening and heartening about seeing an artist’s workspace. witnessing the tangible container in which the sparks of inspiration are made manifest gives credence to the very practical part of this endeavor – the daily aspects: table, canvas, brushes, stool, light from window overlooking water. once the work is finished, it has a kind of magic lift-off that can make its humble, pedestrian origins all but invisible…

    • I think that as an artist one of the things you fall in love with is the process, the pedestrian actions that make creation possible. And work space and work place have a great effect on these…

  2. Light and no matter how small the space, something pleasing that reinforces confidence in the process. I too like to face finished pieces while seeing the world outside on the side.

    Hydro-lines, parking lots, apartment blocks are all foils for light. I’m not surprised at the pleasure you find in your landscape and loved seeing it.

    • I’m so glad I shared my space – another in-process painting is sitting on my table, being worked on as energy allows. It is a space I am very happy in – and where I can enjoy the ever-changing light around me. And now you’ve seen it too…

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