Margaret Mair, What Might Have Been (Spark 16), Original Art

Margaret Mair, What Might Have Been (Spark 16), Original Art

Spark 16 has come and gone. And I was part of it.

I thoroughly enjoy the Spark experience. It’s a wonderful way to find inspiration in new places and enjoy the work of other writers and artists. It’s as much about seeing what other artists and writers have done as it is about creating my own work, about enjoying participating with everyone else.

This time there was another element to doing Spark. Round 16 marked the first time I’ve actually painted since I was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome in January. (If you’re curious about the syndrome and my recovery from it, still ongoing, I’ve been drawing and writing about it here)

And so this is my painting. The inspiration piece, which you can read for yourself on the Spark blog (click here), is an idea-provoking tale of meetings and partings. This painting is based on the ideas and images that spoke to me when I read and re-read it. It is far from finished, more a sketch than a fully realized piece, but it lays down a basis on which I’ll build over time.

And when I think I’m finished (when instinct says it’s time to stop) I’ll share the results with you.

In the meantime I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy all the other Spark contributions as well.

Want to know more about Spark?  Click here.


2 responses to “Sparking!

  1. It is beautiful, Margaret… and meaningful.

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