Versatile Blogger Nomination…

The Versatile Blogger Nomination

I enjoy reading “When all is said and done…” (and I’m sure you will too) – Ellen’s posts often leave me both thoughtful and smiling. And then when I read her last-but-one post I saw that she thought I belonged in the ranks of the Versatile Bloggers. Thank you for the nomination, Ellen!

There are rules for the nominees, and I must follow them, so:

  1. I’ve thanked Ellen and given you a link to her blog, above.
  2. I’ve shared seven random fact about myself, below.
  3. I’ve listed fifteen blogs that I follow and enjoy reading, below.
  4. I’m about to let those blogs know that they too have been nominated.

Seven things about me that you might not know…

  1. I love being out at sea. On a good day, with the water chuckling along the sides of the boat, there is a sense of peace and perspective it is difficult to find anywhere else.
  2. I’ve fallen off horses several times, hit my head and had concussion, but never lost my love of horses or riding – but one dive on to a diving board (yes, really; I was doing an inward dive) and diving lost it’s attraction for me. So odd.
  3. For a year or so in high school I wanted to be a bio-chemist. That was before I started learning chemistry. After that I decided I wanted to be a journalist.
  4. One of my favorite places to be as a child was up in the branches of a tree looking down at the world around me.
  5. I love the way a piece of good wood comes to life under your hands when you’re refinishing it.
  6. I will never forget seeing the island of Flores in the Azores rising dark and high out of the sea as we approached in our sailboat, and watching as it grew clearer and more colorful in the light from the rising sun.
  7. One of the jobs I loved best was working as a teaching assistant in a Montessori classroom, with an excellent teacher (thank you, Mrs. Soni).  There is no greater pleasure than seeing a child ‘get it’ – and smile in a way that lights up their face, and makes yours light up in return.

Fifteen interesting blogs I follow, in no particular order:

  1. Photo Synthesis
  2. From Swerve of Shore
  3. SplashingPaint Blog
  4. Repeating Islands
  5. Steve McCurry’s Blog
  6. Katie’s Camera Blog
  7. MentalFlowers
  8. The Art of Nonconformity
  9. Green Living Tips
  10. Rozalia Project
  11. Daily Bread
  12. Eyeteeth: Incisive Ideas
  13. Alexis Grant
  14. KristinaKlarin
  15. Wired Science

2 responses to “Versatile Blogger Nomination…

  1. Oh, you so deserve this award, Margaret. Your blog is an inspiration, and I’m glad you’re posting again.

    And thanks so much for mentioning my photography blog. I am truly honored to be nominated by someone like you.

    All my best!

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