An Unexpected Interruption

Margaret Mair, Friendship, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Friendship, Original Art

Dear friends and followers,

Sometimes life throws you a curve, and you find you need to take a different direction for a little while.

I love the work I do here, sharing my paintings, my passion for art and my interest in the lives, ideas and work of other artists.

But earlier this month I found myself facing a very unexpected situation.  Childhood chickenpox came back to visit as a form of shingles in and around one ear, leaving me with a condition called Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome.

Briefly, this means that I’m left with a droop to one side of my face, and a loss of the nerves on that side that help me hear, help me balance, help me control my tongue, let me close my eye.  Over time – months – I will recover function.  Nerves will try to repair themselves, other nerves will compensate.  I will learn to do things in new ways.

But this means that for now it’s time to put my energy into doing all I can to help my body recover.  I am very glad that my mind is not affected, and I still have my love of and passion for art to help support and sustain me.  Even more importantly I have the loving help of family and friends, and the support of the doctors who diagnosed my condition and of the professionals and the staff who work with them and who are and will be working with me.

I’m at the bottom of the hill, beginning the climb.  It’s onward and upward, a step at a time, looking forward.  There will be hard work, challenges and smiles along the way.

And until I am back here on a regular basis, I wish you all time to enjoy the beautiful things around you and space to find your own happiness.

Until then…


One response to “An Unexpected Interruption

  1. ah, Margaret – both your unique perspective as an artist and your love of beauty will support you in this journey back to health. i encourage you to spend a LOT of time looking upon and listening to things you consider beautiful – fill your tank with the nourishment that feeds you so very deeply.
    i look forward to your return to regular blogging and wish you godspeed in your process. love, lori B

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