A Christmas Wish

Margaret Mair, World in our Hands, Christmas 2011, Original Art

Margaret Mair, World in our Hands, Christmas 2011, Original Art

Christmas is approaching fast. This is a time of the year that’s full of expectations, anticipation – and memories.

The ghosts of Christmas past hover in the background. They bring me memories of family traditions, of gatherings and parties and songs and meals and early morning church services. They remind me of family and friends no longer here, help me see the differences in those who are here now.  They show me how those I love have grown and changed over the years.

These ghosts remind me of joys and of challenges faced.  And they make me think about this:  just as each day is a new opportunity, each Christmas is another chance to seize what is best in the season. Another chance to make the best of what we have, enjoy what we are given and share with others.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas. But that doesn’t mean they don’t or can’t share what is good about the season. In the north, when days grow short, any occasion to get together and share light, food and companionship helps people feel better. In fact, wherever people gather in love and friendship it helps make the world a happier place.

So that’s my wish for you this season – may you enjoy good company, good food, good times.

May your world be happy, and you be happy in it.

Margaret Mair, Christmas Image, 2011

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