Meetings of Words and Images

M. Mair, How High Can You Fly, Original Art

M. Mair, How High Can You Fly, Original Art

Sometimes words and images come together in interesting ways.

This morning I received the link to an electronic copy of The RightEyedDeer (yes, there is a pun involved).  It’s a literary magazine, with interesting, sometimes provocative stories, evocative poems and interviews with a couple of writers venturing into new territory.  And in this issue, bookending the words and in some places mingling with them, there are some of my paintings.

To my great pleasure I was given the honour of being this edition’s featured artist.  Now that the magazine is here I’ve already spent more time than I should have reading it, being pulled into the stories, exploring the poems, learning from the interviews.  Which makes the pleasure even greater.

Coincidentally, it comes at the same time that I am working on Spark 13, which is also all about art and words, though here the connection is much more direct.  I am working on a response to a poem by Charisse Cecil called “Metro Outlaw”, exploring it in a way that takes me deeper into the words and what they say to me.  I have ten days to respond to the poem; I must finish by this Friday end of day, so I’m working pretty steadily on that right now.

Which means I need to go back to work.  I’ll share that one with you soon…


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