A Special Sunrise

M. Mair, Sunrise, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Sunrise, Original Art

Tomorrow I’m going to deliver a painting to a local non-profit, Alice Housing, for their October Artworks Auction. In formal terms, Alice Housing provides secondary housing and programs for women and children escaping abusive situations.  In plain terms, it gives these women and children hope for a better future.

I decided I wanted to create a painting for the auction that spoke to the very important work Alice Housing does, something that would remind whoever comes to own it of why they chose to buy it.

Out of these thoughts was born “Sunrise”.

As I thought more about the lives of the women and children who benefit from this organization’s work, I added this haiku:

Give me the strength to
Leave the dark behind and find
Joy in the new day.

Because when darkness is what surrounds you, the daylight can be blinding.  So it takes strength to step out into the light.


2 responses to “A Special Sunrise

  1. I’ve commented before on what an extraodinary contrast of size of child and woman you have created. This speaks to me of the inner child – supressed and emerging into the light. The yellow dress – another theme?

    • Yes, the yellow dress is emerging as another theme, and the idea of the inner child is very present in my work at the moment. Something to to explore…

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