September’s Song

Margaret Mair, Along the Road, Acrylic on paper, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Along the Road, Original Art

If September has a song, what would it sound like?  Would it sound sad, regretting the end of summer?  Would it include the whisper of the light rain falling outside my window today, and the hiss of car tires on the wet road?

It’s true that summer’s long, sun-kissed days are growing shorter and that stormy winds blow more frequently.  In September we realize that the shifting sun is changing the slant and intensity of its light and see how the shifting shadows change our landscapes,  lighting new surfaces and shadowing others that used to gleam in the summer sun. Earlier sunsets invite us to contemplate them.  We have time to look longer into the night sky as evenings grow darker.

Then there’s a rhythm learned from years of schooling that make this a month of beginnings and endings.  September is the time for starting or going back to school, for setting off for college or university, for seeing children and grandchildren off to school.  It’s when vacations or summer jobs end, when students move on to the next stage and leave the last behind.  It’s a month for moving away from what we know to something or somewhere new.  There’s sadness, and there’s anticipation.

For me, it’s a time to move from the directness of summer light to the changing colours and hues and moods of autumn.  I will miss summer’s long days, but there’s excitement in the change, because I am deeply, inextricably and completely in love with colour, with its depth, its richness and its complexity.  And soon the world will be full of changing colours.

And it’s also a time to refocus on exploring a world I love, the world of art and artists.  It’s time for me to pick out the next signposts for my journey and see where that journey takes me.

So I think that if September had a song, it would be rich with hope and anticipation, with just a few sad notes thrown in.  I hope September holds the same hope and sense of anticipation for you!


2 responses to “September’s Song

  1. Interesting outlook on the flow of the seasons and how they tie into ones true feelings ;^)

    • Glad you found it interesting! I like the idea of the seasons flowing, though sometimes I wish they did not flow quite so fast…

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