Sunshine Paintings, 1 – Fly, Fly Away

Margaret Mair, Fly Fly Away, Original Art

Margaret Mair, Fly, Fly Away, Original Art

This month it’s time to take a little break from my usual postings.  Instead, I’m sharing a series of short posts featuring my own work.  Each painting has a haiku (of sorts) associated with it, and in each post I’ll share a few of the thoughts behind the image I’ve created.  If you want to share your own thoughts about any or each of the paintings, please go ahead and do so.  Here is the first one – enjoy!

The haiku:
We dream of islands
Thoughts flying away like birds
Circling in blue skies.

The thoughts:
Dreams of islands always seem to include sun and blue skies, blue water and beaches. They are idyllic places, places of pleasurable escape. We imagine them not as they are, but as we would like them to be. We create them in our own image, in our own imaginations…

(I mixed my paints so that they would flow, and used washes and glazes to achieve the effect I wanted).


2 responses to “Sunshine Paintings, 1 – Fly, Fly Away

  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    This painting is soooo cheerful and really sunny! Just love it! Such a beautiful choice of blue shades!

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