It’s an Illusion… Part 1

M. C. Escher loved to play with our perceptions of shape, structure and depth and the illusions he could create using them. He knew that whatever the eye sees the brain tries to make sense of, and that the interplay between what we see and how we perceive it engages our interest. We look more closely at what is not obvious or easily understood.

It starts very simply. Illusions like the Necker Cube play with that struggle to make sense. As you look at the translucent cube, your brain has to decide – is that corner with the dot behind or in front?

Necker Cube

The Necker Cube.

But it can become considerably more intriguing and complex if you take the cube and work with it, and use it in repeating patterns – as Escher did in his 1938 lithograph Cycle.  As you will see when you click here.

It’s an illusion…

And there are more to come.

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