Like Trees…


M. Mair, Along the Road, acrylic painting on paper, original art.

As an artist I am fascinated by trees – by their shapes, the way their branches and leaves grow, how they are sculpted by the weather and change with the cycles of the seasons.  I like to study the way they filter light and create shadow, the way the sunlight bounces off their leaves and branches.


M. Mair, Reaching For The Sky, Acrylic painting on canvas, original art.

Lately I’ve been thinking about trees as living things.  How they need deep roots to grow strong.  How they grow higher when they are closer together and support each other.  How each tree is more like a community than an individual – a community of branches and leaves and blossoms that also shelter and feed many creatures large and small.  Including us.


M. Mair, Our Roots Run Wide and Deep, acrylic painting on canvas, original art.

And I’ve been admiring how trees grow in the most difficult and unlikely places.  How wherever seed finds soil they send down roots and grow toward the light.  How what they need to grow is very basic – some air, some light, some soil, some water.

Very like us.


M. Mair, Tree of Life, acrylic painting on YUPO, original art.

2 responses to “Like Trees…

  1. Reading your insights and seeing the final piece has been a treat to savour.
    Thank you Margaret.

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