Thank You, Claudia Bernardi!

I set out to write a quite different post.  I was looking at an article about Claudia Bernardi, one member of that remarkable band of artists who give generously of their talents to help others work through pain and come to terms with difficult and dangerous lives.  I was thinking about her work, and what I wanted to say about it.

Then it occurred to me that what I was really thinking about as I read about her work was how thankful I was that she was there in El Salvador, using her Walls of Hope project to give what help she could.

So today I want to say thank you to Claudia Bernardi and all the others like her, to those whose love and compassion pushes them find a way to use their skills to help others find a voice, find hope, find a way forward.

Thank you.


And here is the article I was reading:

Crista Cloutier: Walls of Hope.

To find out more about Walls of Hope, click here.  The website will open in a new window.

What I was reading about:  Claudia Bernardi uses art, compassion and wisdom to help people who have been victims of violence and discrimination reveal their stories and start on the road to healing.

2 responses to “Thank You, Claudia Bernardi!

  1. Does anyone reading this have any links to studies into the healing power of art? Studies that want to test mental health at the start of a project such as this, and test periodically to measure change?

    The situation is desperate in northern Canadian communities where self medication of mental distress with drugs and alcohal has reached epidemic proportions. Populations destroying themselves and those who have had atrocities inflicted upon them are not that different.

    It is no simple matter setting up places such as Walls of Hope in Canada, and keeping them going even more problematical. There is a need to document their effectiveness, so I’m interested in anyone who is involved in this sort of evaluation.

    • Sarah, most of the kinds of projects I am familiar with are developed on the basis of need, rather than being the kinds of activities amenable to measurements before and after. Art therapy is a recognized discipline, though, and there are studies – though some of them are not available without access to professional journals. You might have some luck starting here.

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