Van Gogh in Song and Image

I wanted to share this because it brought back so many memories, and brings together Don Mclean’s song and van Gogh’s paintings so well.  It takes a few seconds to start, it’s worth the short wait!


2 responses to “Van Gogh in Song and Image

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve not really had a chance to see most of Van Gogh’s work before, it was never a part of my education, but this is beautiful.

    I particularly like the way the silhouettes are emphasized. I wonder now if the artifacts in the HDR/tonemapping algorithms that also happen to emphasize borders is no accident, as at first glance they are rather similar.

    • His work is beautiful – and sometimes troubling, as was his life. Linking it to the song in this way really emphasizes the beauty and the longing, don’t you think?

      As for the algorithms, I suspect that, as in art, you can trace the ideas behind them and what we find attractive back through the work of many artists and designers. No piece of art or work of creativity exists in a vacuum; all of it builds on ideas that have their roots in the past, even when they react against those ideas. I guess we all work with a similar visual language, no matter what the medium?

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