More Art in Passing

The other day, driving through Halifax to work on the boat, we noticed that boards were being erected over the windows of a real estate office on North Street – an odd thing, we thought.  Then we learned why – faced with consistent problems with tagging and broken windows, the real estate broker had decided to do something different.  He was covering his windows and had hired two street artists to fill the surfaces he was putting up with their work.

Over the next few weekends we saw the artists at work – first one, then the other.  Here’s their completed artwork – it certainly brightens up the area.  Now we’ll see how much the taggers respect their work.


The first piece of art that was completed.


Here is another view.

The second piece was more difficult to take pictures of, since there were no good, uncluttered sight lines.  Here it is from an angle:


As you see it approaching from downtown...

Other pieces of art in passing:

The Mi’kmaq canoe by Lake Banook, the Dartmouth lake on which there is a world class paddling course.  I love the canoe for its simplicity, its elegance and the intentions behind its creation.  The words written on its rims say it all:  A gift from the earth to the Mi’kmaq – and from the Mi’kmaq to the world.


The Lake Banook canoe, looking from the pavement.


The bow of the canoe.

The totem pole on the island on Sullivan’s Pond, just down the way from Lake Banook.  It was carved by the Kwakiutl of the West Coast  and presented to Dartmouth by the government of British Columbia during the Canada Summer Games held in August 1969.


The totem pole given as a gift from west coast to east.

Hope you enjoy seeing them too!


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