How Buying Beautiful Things Can Help a Whole Community

When I started to work on developing my blog, I thought about all the things that interest me.  There are far too many.  So I whittled them down to the things that I thought were the most important, the things I felt most passionate about.  One of the those is the way people combine their imaginations with the tools they have around them to create unique art and objects.  Then they find a way to sell those creations, and use the money earned to support themselves and their communities.

Sometimes they are taken advantage of; but other times their efforts spur others into helping them.  I remember meeting the owner of a gallery in Bermuda who worked with some of the Shona master carvers from Zimbabwe.  In his words and his eyes you could feel and see how much he loved the sculpture they created and how much he cared for and respected the artists he worked with.

He cared enough to make sure they were well paid, had what they needed to do their work and to help them find commissions.  He was the kind of person I had in mind when I created my Arts For Life page.  There I wanted to list the kinds of people or groups whose purpose was to make strong and useful links between art and artists in communities that need support and people who want to support them.  The page has languished, but the interest remains strong.

As in life, so in art – supporting those who produce  by making sure they are paid fairly helps to create and sustain strong communities.  And the best part about it is, you can create a little bit of beauty in someone else’s life while buying something beautiful to cheer your own.  I hope you will.

And if you know of other groups that I should include on this page, please let me know!

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