The Art of Changes

Lately I’ve been spending some time looking at the works of Anish Kapoor and Janet Echelman.  On the surface these artists don’t seem to have much in common, but the pieces I’m drawn to, Kapoor’s mirrors and Echelman’s fibre installations, have similarities.

There are the empty spaces in the works – at the edges of Kapoor’s mirrors, in the layers and the holes of Echelman’s nets.  There is the way they reflect and are affected by the environment.  Most interestingly, there is the way they draw those who see their works into being part of the work, interacting with it.  There is the fact that in both cases the work is based on movement and change.

But they also approach their work quite differently.  Echelman is drawn to make the choreography of the wind visible – the wind dances with and changes her creations, moulding the forms she creates into new shapes.  Kapoor’s mirrors play with curves, reflections and people’s perceptions, changing the shape of what is seen as well as being changed by everything that moves around them – from lights to plants to clouds to birds to people.

You can see Janet Echelman’s windblown sculptures here, and if you just want a taste you can see a video of one of her pieces, Her Name is Patience, which includes people’s reactions to it here.  You can see some of the architectural/public art projects of Anish Kapoor here, including his work with  mirrors.  Or you can take a look at Sea Mirror here, or at Cloud Gate here.

I hope you enjoy their work too.


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