Haiti – Creating in the Midst of Devastation

Haiti has a wonderful and unique artistic heritage.  Part of it has vanished, lost or damaged beyond repair, in the ruins of January’s earthquake.   Now, though friends and family have died and previous works have been lost,  some Haitian artists are working again.  They are creating new and different images of their culture and their devastated country.

Artist do what they must do – they paint.  Some paint the devastation, recording it for those who cannot see it for themselves.  Others move even deeper, and speak from a place within themselves.  All reach out  in a way that speaks to our hearts, speaking a language beyond words.

Out of the devastation, in the devastation – they share creativity, pain, fear and hope.  I think of their struggle daily.

You can learn more and see a little bit of what they are doing on Repeating Islands,  here.


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