How Can Arts Teach?

The Right to Education

The Right to Education

The most important thing about the arts as a way of teaching is that they reach past the barrier of the written word to touch a much wider audience.

No-one need be left out, if they have ears to hear or eyes to see or, as Evelyn Glennie said in a TEDTalk, a body to experience with.

Here, we place a great deal of value on literacy – how would we live if we could not read? Yet there are many places where going to school long enough to learn to read is a challenge in itself. Children have a family to help support, or must care for themselves or other children, get caught up in war or struggle to survive poverty. Learning to read takes a poor second to survival.

But illiteracy does not equal stupidity. In many countries the arts can teach what otherwise would remain hidden, start a dialogue that creates deeper understanding and enhances knowledge, help people become actively involved in learning and teaching and create the circumstances that make literacy possible.

That is the thing that draws me to FUNARTE. The artists who created the organisation did so to use their knowledge and skills to give people a way to move past that written-word barrier, and to learn in and from the process of making art. They use art to give the gift of knowledge and to encourage children and adults to explore and understand the world they live in.

I hope you’ll help me support FUNARTE’s work, however you choose. One way would be by buying one of the prints or the new e-book in my store – all images are from the paintings in my last show. The e-book has been created under a Creative Commons license, so you are also free to enjoy it and share it without payment. You can find in the sidebar.

For more information on FUNARTE, Nicaragua and Pueblito Canada, go here.

To visit my store, go here.

Many thanks to all who’ve helped so far. Now I’d love to be able to let everyone know we’ve raised another $800!

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