The Toronto Event: Fans Chose their Favorite Painting…


Thank you to everyone who came, enjoyed  and took time to vote for the painting they liked best, and to those who bought paintings and prints.  I really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting and beginning to know new ones.  Spending time with you at an event like “We Are Islands”  is a great incentive to work harder and push my art farther.

Asking people about how they see your work is interesting and stimulating, after all the time spent creating alone.  An artist does not know as they work how other people will see their paintings or how they will respond, and this is a good way to learn.  One of the nicest things for me was seeing how difficult you found it to choose just one painting as your favorite, and another was to hear your comments as you tried to make up your minds.

But you did choose, and here are the results of the voting:
1.  The Observer (well out in front with 12 votes,including an anonymous one)
2.  Howl (6 votes)
3.  Sea Steps (5 votes)
4.  Sleeping Giants – Large (4 votes)
5.  Isle of Man (also 4 votes)
6.  The Watcher (3 votes)
7.  She Rises (2 votes)
8.  We Are Islands (2 votes)
9.  Sleeping Giants – Small (1 vote)

The winner of the print in the free draw was Nancy Church, whose name was drawn from the basket at the end of the evening.

Several people helped make the show possible in the first place, and then as good as it could be, and I’d like to thank them.  First, George Keroglidis for the Libra Lounge space, for the hospitality he provided, and for his help.  Bridget Mair Keroglidis for her help with many things, and for her time, ideas and input.  Marketa Schusterova for printing the invitations and for her time spent taking photos of the paintings.  Antonia Pracjak for sharing her knowledge and helping us sort out the process of creating prints.  Edward Gajdel for lending his skills to making those prints very high quality.

Now it’s time to put plans in place to sell more prints and raise more money for the Primary Colours and ArtWorks2 Projects of Pueblito Canada and FUNARTE in Nicaragua.

Learn more about Nicaragua, Pueblito and FUNARTE here.

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