The Toronto Event: And The Preparations Roll On…

Preparing for a show is always interesting.  The number of things to be done can seem overwhelming.  This time preparing the paintings, the venue, the prints and seeing to all the little things that make an evening show fun and successful are being crammed into somewhat less than a week.  Very interesting!

There are downs and ups – the downs when things don’t quite work out as planned, the ups of help and encouragement from many sources, of seeing friends again, and of meeting and working with new people(the list of thank you’s I will have after this show will be a long one).  There is the very definite pleasure of unveiling the work that has been stored and way and seeing it appreciated.  And over the past couple of days, there has been the challenge of having to change the way the prints were prepared followed by the pleasure of finding the perfect person to help.

The perfect person turned out to be Edward Gajdel.  I walked up the stairs to the loft of his studio to meet him and was struck by the portraits from one of his projects on the walls.  The portraits are extraordinary, spare and insightful.  When you look at them you are drawn in, left feeling that you have been given the privilege of seeing a moment in the lives of the people in them, a glimpse into who they are.

We were meeting to discuss making prints for the show.  The time-line was already tight.  Edward put the digital files from which they would be made up on his screen, and then a couple of the paintings up on his colour-neutral board.  I will say these are hard paintings to capture, full of subtleties of colour and shade, washes overlaid on washes to achieve the depth and complexity I wanted.  That plus the light available when the original photographic images were taken meant that the files we were looking at would not give the best representations of the paintings.

In the end we had to take a step back, and recognize the necessity of creating new images of the paintings.  It was a blow; with the show so close, that was going to be very difficult.  Edward saw our difficulty, and recognised the passion with which I want to raise money for FUNARTE’s work with Nicaraguan schools and children.  Although his schedule was tight he has managed to set aside the time to retake the images so I can offer buyers the kind of prints that will be true to the paintings I created.  Which means that now we will have prints of excellent quality at the show/fundraiser, for sale and order.  Thank you, Edward!


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